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Please be advised that your Committee met with the RYLA program after the meeting of the 18th which led to the following young people to participate in our Rotary RYLA 2014 affair:

1.      Alex Snow – He is the son of Colonel Snow and Debbie who Is a long time teacher here at West End currently.  We picked Caitlin Snow last year and unfortunately her schedule for College it was difficult to get her back to speak with us. Alex Snow is adopted and attends Pitman High School but has spent A life time in Woodbury. . . I have met him and represented The family for many years and I think he is an outstanding Young man loaded with medals from Boy Scouts and a Great amount of contributions to the public.  I think he is An ideal candidate and our Committee agreed.
2.      Sean Elliott    A young man from Woodbury High School Excellent grades but not necessarily the top, active in sports, Active in all kinds of extra curricular activities and I think a Real asset and hopefully he would return to speak with us.
3.       David Atkinson    also of Woodbury And Woodbury High School a young man who is extremely Present to meet and talk to and looks you straight in the eye When he speaks, is rather plain, but very honest appearing, Excellent grades and active in all of the sports, active in just About everything you could imagine.


The conference was held

Sunday, June 22nd  through Thursday, June 26th

at the

Richard Stockton College of New Jersey in Pomona, NJ.





Woodbury Rotary club sponsered from WHS

Jasmine Ehirim, & Oluwatofunmi Oni

Click here to read more about these students


Jasmine Ehirim

Oluwatofunmi Oni




Click here for





 What Is RYLA

RYLA is the Rotary Youth Leadership Awards, a leadership training program to prepare community youth leaders. This five day leadership event is for high school juniors, as well as Inbound and Rebound Rotary sponsored exchange students who are still in high school. There is no cost to participants, as all fees are paid by the sponsoring Rotary Club.

RYLA 7640 promotes development and understanding of leadership principles. The RYLA program consists of a combination of ice breaker, team building and experiential activities, group discussion, personal reflection, guest speakers/panels and group problem solving activities. Participants learn about the qualities of leadership, what makes an effective team and apply what they learn in challenging activities.


For more information about RYLA, please contact a Rotary club in your community or e-mail for more information: Jim Puderbach - RYLA 7640 Program Director



Woodbury High School 2006/2007 R.Y.L.A. Program Participants



David Hughes


Molly Dennen


Sarah Hesser


Victer Smith


Rotary District 7640  held its District Youth Leadership Conference at The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey this summer from June 24, 2007 through June 28, 2007.


Participants selected from Woodbury High School were young men and women who have exhibited leadership abilities and who would be entering their senior year of high school.


Aimed at developing the leadership potential of young men and young women, the conference
featured many challenging activities including workshops, speakers, discussions, sports, music, and news reporting. Topics  focused on decision-making, critical thinking, communicating effectively, ethics, public service, contemporary problems and career development.


The participants lived, work, study, and play together in an academic setting under the guidance
of professional counselors and educators. In addition, guest lecturers and discussion leaders
presented a wide variety of vocational and community interests.